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We offer gaming and gambling companies the opportunity to achieve their longterm goals by applying the right tools to achieve maximum benefits. Now, these companies can leverage the advantages of big data analysis to improve their businesses.

We empower your big data capabilities to disrupt the gaming industry


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Dade2 is the only exclusive online gaming infrastructure specialist in the market. We occupy a unique market segment with combined features of a hosting provider and a software platform. Services rendered by traditional hosting companies only provide space and connectivity in data centers, while the vendors of software platform provide software which has not been tested to ascertain optimal performance in the data center environment.

Dade2 provides outstanding solutions to improve the effectiveness of data centers with the most suitable software platform applications that increase customer experience. Users of this system experience faster response times on their websites, and our security solutions prevent credit card fraud.

For over ten years, our team at Dade2 has continued to deliver and design remote gaming solutions to meet the needs of the largest gaming businesses online.

The best customer experience

Our primary objective is to implement our unique solutions that can provide the best gaming response and experience to your customers. An improvement in customer experience will lead to more revenue from your business and an increase in market share. We ensure that your platform is always online by preventing DDoS attacks and threats online.

Our services are available to new and old operators. Take advantage of a service that conforms to the legal regulations as specified by the regulatory agencies. We offer maximum uptime, zero redundancy, load balancing traffic, latency reduction, and increasing the security and speed of betting plays.

We have a solution for any issue you may be facing in this business. We will help you increase your market share while staying ahead of the market competition.

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As the complexity of your organization increases, costs can become overwhelming. Take advantage of our expertise to achieve your target.

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Infrastructure as a service made to enhance your ideas. Provide your business with the technology tools to compete and unlimited support.

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Negotiating contracts with many cloud providers is not easy. We take care of arbitrage, intermediation and integration to make sure you get more for less.

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Enabling organizations of all sizes to leverage technology in the best and most efficient manner possible. Business value without the price tag.

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Reduce risk and ensure compliance with our auditing and hardening services. Obtain compliance on standards such as SOX, HIPAA ,ISO 27001 and GDPR.

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