InterWorx collaborates with Magic Spam to provide a new anti-spam plugin

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InterWorx has announced its collaboration with MagicSpam, an anti-spam plugin, which provides customers more options for email filtering and additional tools to enhance security.

InterWorx is a web hosting control panel software. The application is separated into two interfaces. NodeWorx is used by a server administrator to manage a server. SiteWorx is used by a website owner to manage a particular website. InterWorx provides tools to configure web servers, emails, domains, and web sites. The company introduced MagicSpam, the new anti-spam plugin.

The new plugin integrates anti-spam software

InterWorx allows administrators to create and restore backups, get statistics, move files around, and get them all into the right place. It also allows the users to enable server logs, subscribe to notifications on issues from the site such as SSL expiration, and provides many other features.

LinuxMagic developed the InterWorx Magicspam plug-in in collaboration with InterWorx. This new plugin integrates its popular Anti-Spam software with InterWorx, which will provide InterWorx customers with more options for email filtering as well as additional tools that will help improve and maintain customers’ email IP reputation.

The users can easily configure MagicSpam

MagicSpam is a comprehensive anti-spam plug-in, built upon the philosophy of “Simple to Install, Simple to Use.” There’s no need to change DNS or MX records to start benefiting from MagicSpam spam protection. Developed to suit the needs of the hosting industry, MagicSpam’s low resource profile efficiently protects an unlimited number of domains and accounts on a server for a competitively low price.

interworx gui 1024x698 - InterWorx collaborates with Magic Spam to provide a new anti-spam plugin

An intuitive GUI integrated directly into the InterWorx Control Panel, allows users so they can easily configure MagicSpam to meet their needs. With direct sales in over 83 countries and 200 official resellers, MagicSpam is a leader in the hosting industry when it comes to spam protection.

Adam Dillaplain, General Manager, InterWorx says,

“I’m excited about the opportunities Magicspam brings to InterWorx customers. MagicSpams anti-spam features complement InterWorx’s email service, adding easy to use anti-spam tools for both admins and users. We have been impressed by the knowledge and experience the MagicSpam team has in relation to the email industry, and we are looking forward to working with them in the future.”