WordPress adds auto-update option for its themes and plugins

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A month ago  WordPress developer team were working on auto-update option for its themes and plugins. However, recently WordPress announced that its plugin is ready to be tested and their next step is to implement an auto-update feature to WordPress themes.

Websites that are not updated frequently are more exposed to cyber-attacks. The auto-update feature is implemented for users who forget to update the theme and plugin after installing. The developer team is working on adding the feature to WordPress themes.

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Auto-update feature

In the upcoming WordPress will have an auto-update feature. The user will have to check an option in the admin panel of their websites which will enable them to auto-update themes and plugins. The website admins will receive regular auto-update summaries via e-mail notifications. Developers disable or programmatically define auto-update settings with the help of Hooks and constants.

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In 2018 Matt Mullenweg posted the timeline of the nine projects for the core to focus in 2019 that included the WordPress auto-update project. The team sets this project as a milestone of WordPress 5.5. WordPress site owners can test the Beta version.

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