What are the differences between Snap, Flatpak, and AppImage?

Software deployment and package management tools for Linux distros are crucial, especially for developers. Software packaging and deployment systems are gaining popularity recently. These package [...]

Uptime Institute releases 3rd annual outage analysis

Uptime Institute published the findings of its Annual Outage Analysis, an important industry indicator. Uptime Institute published the findings of its Annual Outage Analysis, an important [...]

Rocky Linux release candidate is now available for testing

The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) announced the general availability of the Rocky Linux 8.3 Release Candidate 1 for x86_64 and aarch64 architectures. Rocky Linux is the latest [...]

How to Upgrade Fedora Linux 33 to Fedora Linux 34

Users of the Fedora Linux 33 release can now upgrade their installations to the recently released Fedora Linux 34, so here’s a quick and painless tutorial for those who don’t know yet [...]

Fedora Linux 34 Officially Released with GNOME 40, Linux Kernel 5.11

The Fedora Project released today the Fedora Linux 34 operating system, a major release that brings numerous new features, latest software updates, and latest GNU/Linux technologies.   The [...]

AlmaLinux 8.4 Beta has been released

Following the successful release of the 8.3 Stable release on March 30th, the AlmaLinux Community released AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Beta. CloudLinux published the first stable release of AlmaLinux OS, a [...]

Geary Email Client Is Now Ready for GNOME 40

The open-source, free, and lightweight Geary email client designed specifically for the GNOME desktop environment has been updated today to version 40 as part of the latest GNOME 40 desktop [...]

Latest Arch Linux ISO has been Release with the ArchInstall CLI Guided Installer

The latest Arch Linux ISO snapshot for April 2021 comes with the well-known archinstall command-line guided installer to help veterans spend less time installing the famous distro.   Arch [...]

What’s second-largest corporate network attacks in 2020 ?

Attackers are now increasingly taking advantage of emerging malware like crypto mining to target corporates, according to Crypto Parrot’s data. Hackers devise new methods to get into the [...]

Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) ISO’s are ready to download

The Canonical team announced the release of Ubuntu 21.04 which is also known by its code name Hirsute Hippo. Shortly after the release of the final beta version of Ubuntu 21.04, Canonical [...]

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