What is the SSH protocol and what does it do?

SSH stands for Secure Shell and is a secure protocol for communicating with other computers. This protocol is used to connect to Linux servers and because of this ability to manage the server [...]

Linux kernel 5.11 released

Linus Torvalds announced the first stable release of 2021, Linux kernel 5.11 on the Linux kernel mailing list. Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux kernel 5.11 on the Linux kernel [...]

Top & best CentOS alternatives

If you are looking for a CentOS replacement or alternative like millions of other CentOS users, make sure to take a look at our list. In December of 2020, CentOS’s parent company Red Hat [...]

New version of pfSense Plus and pfSense CE are now available

Netgate announced the release of pfSense Plus software version 21.02 and pfSense Community Edition software version 2.5.0. Netgate announced that pfSense Plus software version 21.02 and pfSense [...]

EasyApache 4 update released

cPanel announced that the EasyApache team has released the January 27 update for the EasyApache 4. The cPanel team announced the release of another update for EasyApache 4 in January of 2021. [...]

Stable Clonezilla live 2.7.1-22 released

The Clonezilla team announced that the company has released the Clonezilla live 2.7.1-22 with major enhancements and bug fixes. Clonezilla released the stable version of its partition, disk [...]

AlmaLinux Beta ready to download

The CloudLinux team announced that the beta version of AlmaLinux is now ready to download for testing.   CloudLinux announced the release of AlmaLinux Beta, a free 1:1 binary compatible fork [...]

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Cloud Hosting Service

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on cloud. As the data increases, so does the need for cloud hosting. Currently, 90% of the world’s companies are on cloud, and 60% of workloads [...]