The OpenBSD project releases OpenBSD 6.8 on its 25th anniversary

The OpenBSD project released OpenBSD 6.8 that includes support for the powerpc64 CPU architecture, improves the speed of time-related operations, and offers several fixes. The OpenBSD project [...]

Five reasons to postpone migration from CentOS 6

CentOS 6 end of life is approaching, but you are not ready to migrate? KernelCare + ELS is a middle ground between running unsupported OS and upgrading all your servers! CentOS releases are [...]

Linux Kernel 5.9 released

Linus Torvalds announced Linux Kernel 5.9 which comes with hardware, graphics, and other performance updates. Two weeks after the release of the Linux 5.8 kernel series, Linux Kernel 5.9 has [...]

Rescuezilla 2.0 has been released

Shasheen Ediriweera has announced the release of Rescuezilla 2.0, a major new version of the fork of the “Redo Backup & Restore” distribution. Rescuezilla 2.0, which is the first [...]

ImunifyAV(+) New version released (5.3.1)

ImunifyAV helps you keep your websites free of malware. ImunifyAV team announced the new beta version of the popular malware scanner. Version 5.3.1 ImunifyAV team announced the new beta version [...]

cPanel & WHM New Version has been released !

cPanel announced that the company has released cPanel & WHM Version 90 to the stable tier. Version 90 cPanel announced that cPanel & WHM Version 90 is now in the stable tier. The latest [...]

Download phpMyAdmin latest versions

The phpMyAdmin team released both phpMyAdmin versions 4.9.6 and 5.0.3 that contains several important security and bug fixes. The phpMyAdmin team announced the release of phpMyAdmin versions [...]

Oracle releases Oracle Linux 7 Update 9 + Download link

Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle Linux 7 Update 9, including UEK Release 6 as the default kernel. Oracle announced the release of Oracle Linux 7 Update 9. The latest version [...]

NGINX announces the NGINX Core Collection for Ansible

NGINX has been investing in building out more Ansible roles and collections over the last five years. Now, the company launched the NGINX Core Collection for Ansible. Ansible enables NGINX users [...]

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit 5.0 has been released !

Plesk announced the Plesk WordPress Toolkit v5.0 is now available. It comes with major changes to provide a better experience for all users. Plesk launched Plesk WordPress Toolkit v5.0. Now, [...]

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