Red Hat launches OpenShift 4.5

Red Hat announced the general availability of its Kubernetes platform’s latest version, Red Hat OpenShift 4.5. Open source solutions provider Red Hat released the latest version of [...]

Top Best & Most Recommended SEO Books to Read for 2020

If you’ve felt lost, frustrated, or overwhelmed while trying to build an SEO strategy for your business, you’re not alone. There are thousands of SEO blogs, articles, webinars, and [...]

Kubermatic to launch KubeCarrier

Kubermatic, a Kubernetes automation software company that powers IT operations at scale, introduced KubeCarrier, an open source, cloud native Service Management Hub. Kubermatic introduced [...]

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS has been released !

Ubuntu, a free complete desktop Linux operating system, announced the release of Ubuntu 20.04.1, along with the distribution’s community editions. Ubuntu team has released Ubuntu 20.04.1 [...]

HostBill introduced improvements and new features

HostBill introduced ew email logging features, warnings about risky ACLs, and new options added to its admin area. HostBill introduced a number of improvements and new features, including new [...]

How to Install WordPress with Nginx on Debian and Ubuntu in 20 steps

NGINX (pronounced engine-x) is an open-source powerful, light, and flexible HTTP server that has increased in popularity in last years and now is the main server interface that powers some of the [...]

How to Install LAMP & WordPress Ubuntu and Debian

Writing an Apache or WordPress introduction will do no good due to the fact that both of them, combined together, are one of the most used Open Source Web Servers on the Internet today, in fact, [...]