Top FTP Client / Software to Transfer Web Files & WordPress user

What is FTP ? FTP is one of the most widely used protocols in web development, and it is useful for people active in the field to be familiar with this protocol and its mechanism. If you’ve [...]

Everything about the CWP free control panel

What is CWP (CentOS Web Panel) ? CentOS Web Panel – a Free Web Hosting control panel designed for quick and easy management of (Dedicated & VPS & cloud Server) servers minus the [...]

WordPress themes now have PHP and WordPress version checks

WordPress theme system now has PHP and WordPress version checks. The change is slated to land in WordPress 5.5. The feature of PHP and WordPress version checks was pulled into core WordPress. It [...]

How to update Linux Kernel without rebooting?

Patching an always-on or high-availability Linux Kernel without rebooting is very important for continuous processes. Here are some methods of live security updates you can use. Applying Linux [...]

7 tips for online interviewing

Here are some online job interviewing tips that can help you improve your next online interview. Most companies are switching to remote working recently and some of them are looking for new [...]

Card swiper attacks target WordPress WooCommerce sites

A credit card swiper injection has been detected in WordPress websites using the WooCommerce plugin by secretly modifying legitimate JavaScript files.

Facebook launched Messenger Rooms

Facebook announced a new service that allows users to communicate over video streaming across its platform. According to Facebook’s announcement, the company’s new service, Messenger [...]

Over 900,000 WordPress sites are under attack

Wordfence announced that there is an uptick in attacks targetting cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. Wordfence team announced that over 900,000 WordPress sites are under attack, [...]

Scala Hosting offers SPanel as a cPanel alternative

Scala Hosting announced that SPanel solution can be the answer to cPanel’s recent price increase for resellers. Scala Hosting launched its own SPanel in response to cPanel’s sudden [...]

OpenBSD 6.7 has been released

The OpenBSD project’s latest release OpenBSD 6.7 comes with several new improvements to the cron scheduling daemon, to the web server daemon. The OpenBSD project’s latest release is [...]

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