Fedora 32 is now available + Download link

The latest version of Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server, and Fedora CoreOS brings new features. Fedora 32 is now available to download. Desktop version Fedora Workstation features GNOME 3.36 [...]

Datadog launches Security Monitoring

Datadog announced a new product that breaks down silos between security, developers, and operations teams. Datadog‘s new product, Security Monitoring, extends its monitoring and analytics [...]

Zoom is now more secure

Zoom, the popular video-conference app, strengthens its security with the new update. Zoom’s latest update brings encryption standards a little bit higher and providing better security and [...]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 gets second update

Red Hat released the second update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.2 series, an enterprise-class Linux distribution with comprehensive support option

Ubuntu 20.10 development begins

Ubuntu 20.10 ‘Groovy Gorilla’ development has started. It is officially underway.

7 ways to use your own VPS

Here some ideas if you have some extra space on a Virtual Private Server that may save you money or improve productivity. Virtual Private Servers, or VPS for short, can be used in many different [...]

7 best Linux mail servers

Nowadays e-mailing is one of the fastest ways of communication for individuals and businesses. When we send an email, it means that mail clients send mails to a mail server that transmits emails [...]

VMware released the new versions of its cloud key components

VMware announced NSX-T 3.0 with innovations in cloud, security, containers, and operations. The company also shared the number of Virtual Cloud Network

Data of 600,000 Email.it’s users are selling on the Dark Web

Italian email service provider Email.it has confirmed that they suffered a cyber-attack that saw the data of over 600,000 users put up for sale on the dark web. Email.it has admitted the [...]

Chrome 81 released with support for the Web NFC standard

Google released Chrome 81 with many new features like App Icon Badging, web NFC; more than three weeks later than what was planned.

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