How to choose your blogging platform

A blog or ‘Web Log’ was once a personal online diary where people would write about the many things that happen to them on a daily basis.

But soon, it has evolved into a ‘smart’ business tool, which if used correctly has the potential to bring in extra links, more customers & better visibility to a website.

Take a close look around you. Everyone has a blog. Be it individuals, corporate or Small to medium sized businesses.

If you have not started blogging yet, then it’s not too late to begin.

This brings us to the main topic here, ‘What’s the Best Blogging Platform?’

The Blogging Platform

The best thing about blogging now is that there are numerous high quality platforms to choose from.

There’s WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Typepad, Squarespace and more.

These can be further categorized into Free Blogging Platforms & Self hosted ones.

Your eventual choice should depend on a lot of factors. Here are some of them.

What is your goal? – Are you starting a personal blog that you will update once in a week or even less frequently? Then you can opt for a free blogging platform like, Blogger or Tumblr / Posterous. The advantages of going free are that you do not have to worry about hosting, domains or design. You just login and start blogging. A free platform also allows you the liberty to try blogging to see if it’s really for you.

What are you going to write? – There are some people who want to set up a portfolio to share their work. There is very little text on the site. So, you must opt for a more professional looking blog which in this case can be a self hosted one. You will have to invest in the domain and hosting though, which is not very expensive to start with. Feel free to email us to get advice on ad-hoc hosting solutions for bloggers.

If you are looking for recommendations then, is a great choice. With over thousands of design & plugin options, it makes life extremely easy even for the novice blogger.

With a WYSIWYG editor, you can see the way your content will be displayed and tweak it in innumerable ways to improve the presentability.

I hope that was helpful. There are a plethora of options for bloggers. The platform you select should largely be based on personal requirements. Do your research and choose wisely. Happy Blogging!

May 2012
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