The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange for Your Business

Why MS Exchange might be a better option for businesses

In the extremely challenging business environment of today, it pays to make smart decisions that reduces cost, improves productivity and enables seamless communication across different platforms.

Outsourcing your email to a hosted server is one such decision that gives you complete control over access, security & integration.

But the choice of email server is crucial.

Businesses, small and medium sized to be precise, rely on open source email software or opt for cheaper alternatives because they consider quality technology to be expensive.

‘The big guys can afford it because they have big bucks’

That’s often not the case.

Today reliable and robust technologies like hosted Microsoft exchange server are available at competitive rates that will not drain out your IT budget.

And if you take a closer look at the services on offer for the price, it might be well worth every dollar you invest.

Exchange 2013

A Closer Look

  • A hosted Microsoft exchange server enables you to effectively communicate & collaborate on the go. While keeping your business critical information secure and safe, it provides your workforce with unabridged access to information anywhere.
  • Be it blackberry, ActiveSync or Good Mobile, you can get access to your Microsoft Exchange email on most mobile devices with just a click. No tedious configurations required!
  • It simplifies task management. Your workforce can share documents, timelines and assignments.
  • Web based remote access enables employees from any corner of the globe to get access and stay connected.
  • Built in email security protects your sensitive data from spyware and also eliminates productivity issues due to unrestricted SPAM.
  • Regular data and messaging backup ensures that all your data is archived and can be recovered in just a few clicks.

A reliable Partner

Finding a reliable partner that offers dedicated hosted exchange as well as shared hosted exchange services is of paramount importance. Are you looking for feature rich hosted exchange services that offer flexible plans & great pricing? Check out our offer and click here now to contact our customer service representative for some great offers on Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server.

May 2015
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How to choose your blogging platform

A blog or ‘Web Log’ was once a personal online diary where people would write about the many things that happen to them on a daily basis.

But soon, it has evolved into a ‘smart’ business tool, which if used correctly has the potential to bring in extra links, more customers & better visibility to a website.

Take a close look around you. Everyone has a blog. Be it individuals, corporate or Small to medium sized businesses.

If you have not started blogging yet, then it’s not too late to begin.

This brings us to the main topic here, ‘What’s the Best Blogging Platform?’

The Blogging Platform

The best thing about blogging now is that there are numerous high quality platforms to choose from.

There’s WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Typepad, Squarespace and more.

These can be further categorized into Free Blogging Platforms & Self hosted ones.

Your eventual choice should depend on a lot of factors. Here are some of them.

What is your goal? – Are you starting a personal blog that you will update once in a week or even less frequently? Then you can opt for a free blogging platform like, Blogger or Tumblr / Posterous. The advantages of going free are that you do not have to worry about hosting, domains or design. You just login and start blogging. A free platform also allows you the liberty to try blogging to see if it’s really for you.

What are you going to write? – There are some people who want to set up a portfolio to share their work. There is very little text on the site. So, you must opt for a more professional looking blog which in this case can be a self hosted one. You will have to invest in the domain and hosting though, which is not very expensive to start with. Feel free to email us to get advice on ad-hoc hosting solutions for bloggers.

If you are looking for recommendations then, is a great choice. With over thousands of design & plugin options, it makes life extremely easy even for the novice blogger.

With a WYSIWYG editor, you can see the way your content will be displayed and tweak it in innumerable ways to improve the presentability.

I hope that was helpful. There are a plethora of options for bloggers. The platform you select should largely be based on personal requirements. Do your research and choose wisely. Happy Blogging!

May 2015
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Bespoke vs Off-the-Shelf Hosting Solutions

A lot of the hosting solutions you see online are off-the-shelf, meaning you get certain services for a certain price.  For example, getting unlimited domain hosting, unlimited storage space, unlimited file transfers, the use of Web page building tools, templates, even the software involved such as SSL, Secure Shell and FTP at a certain rate.

These packaged services are great for those who want to run a typical website using the typical tools on a typical server.  Off-the-shelf hosting solutions would benefit individuals and small businesses that do not rely on their websites for revenue and other business critical tasks.

Off-the-shelf hosting solutions are usually inexpensive and getting support and troubleshooting help is typically easier.  Plus, packaged hosting solutions are simpler to manage.

However, not all businesses have the same needs and you might need different kinds of services and tools from your hosting solutions provider.  This is why there is a growing market for bespoke hosting solutions.

The Benefits of Bespoke Hosting Solutions

As businesses grow, their needs and requirements also grow.  You will need complex solutions to be able to do more with your website and hosting.

The benefits of bespoke hosting solutions are numerous.  For one, you have all the solutions you need to ensure that your site is very reliable and is up all the time.

Also, you only need to pay for services that you actually use.  No more paying for solutions that you are not using but are part of the package price you pay for.  On the other side of the spectrum, you could easily add on specialized services that you need such as cloud services.

Bespoke hosting solutions providers also take care of configuring, installing and managing your hosting requirements.  So, you really don’t need to settle for a Windows operating system when you want Linux, nor do you need to learn server management as well, leaving you with more time to do business tasks that matters.

In some cases, you would also get better technical support because you are dealing with experts on the solutions you get.  With off-the-shelf hosting providers, you may get rehearsed answers from inexperienced customer service agents who are just reading off a script that they themselves do not understand.

With an excellent provider like Dade2, you also get a hosting provider that also acts as a consultant.  A good provider would give you alternatives and choices designed to make your hosting perform better and give you more for your money.

In the final analysis, bespoke hosting solutions are better in the long run because you get to save by merely getting the solutions that you actually need and use.  And because your business is not just one of the thousands or millions of others using the same hosting provider, you get better performance from a provider that has a better infrastructure in the first place.

Dade2 provides highly customized hosting solutions to our customers.  Call us now at +44 20 3239 1536 (in the UK) or +1 323 522 5543 (in the US) to talk to an expert and schedule a free consultation to see what your real needs are and what solutions are best for you.

May 2015
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Seo Tips

How to Improve the Visibility of your website

Every day millions of websites are launched on the Internet. Some are personal web logs or blogs. Others are created with the intention of carrying out business.

And when they start off, they are invisible. They are hidden deep inside the catacombs of the World Wide Web unknown to people and search engines.

How does one get such an invisible website to a more prominent position that improves visibility? There are numerous ways of doing it.

Understanding Visibility

What does the term ‘Visibility’ mean on the World Wide Web?

‘Visibility’ stands for being found when people search for products related to you. For example, if you manufacture and sell ‘T-Shirts’ and someone searches for it on Google or any search engine, your website should be visible on search result pages.

The success of your online business is directly proportional to its visibility.

The more visible your site is, the more successful you will be.

How to Increase the Visibility

Ok, all said and done, how do you increase the visibility of your website?

There are numerous methods.

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Undoubtedly, the most important and most successful method of increasing the visibility of your website is SEO. Most people rely on organic search results and SEO is the only way you can get there. The drawback of SEO (if you consider it to be one) is that it is a slow process that requires consistent efforts. Do not expect your website to be ranked overnight. It might take months or even years to achieve that dream ranking.

  2. Pay Per Click: The tiny blocks of text advertisements that you see on the right hand side and sometimes on top of the organic search results are Pay Per Click ads. As the name suggests, you pay for every click that comes through to your website. PPC is like a quick fix. It is fast, it is effective but if you do not handle it correctly, it can drain out your marketing dollars sooner than you think. A lot of people combine it with SEO to enhance their marketing efforts.

  3. Social Media: Nothing has influenced the world more than social media in the past few years. And the impact can be seen in the way businesses are functioning. Social Media provides you with an effective and inexpensive way of increasing the visibility of your website.  MySpace, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter are some of the most popular places that can be implemented into your marketing strategy.

I hope that helps you understand how you can work to improve the visibility of your website.

May 2015
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Virtualizzazione Microsoft Hyper-V

Windows Server 2012 integra la piattaforma di virtualizzazione Hyper-V.

Col termine virtualizzazione si intende quella tecnologia che permette ad un server fisico di ospitare più sistemi operativi, e quindi, in definitiva più macchine virtuali.

I due principali vantaggi di quest’approccio sono l’affidabilità e l’ottimizzazione.

L’affidabilità discende dalla struttura “a compartimenti stagni” delle varie macchine virtuali ospitate sul server fisico. Inoltre è possibile gestire in maniera più efficace e robusta eventi di disaster recovery, con relativo management del failover e failback.

Per il secondo aspetto, basti pensare che da indagini condotte da varie società di analisi IT, lo sfruttamento delle risorse di server non virtualizzati si aggira intorno al solo 20-30%.  Virtualizzare porta a consolidare i carichi di lavoro su un’unica macchina fisica e ad allocare dinamicamente le risorse tra le varie istanze.

Con l’ultima release di Hyper-V, integrata in Windows 2012 Server, ogni macchina virtuale può accedere fino a 64 processori virtuali, 1 Terabyte di RAM e fino a 64 TB di spazio su disco.

Ma le peculiarità di Hyper-V non si esauriscono nelle sue notevoli doti di scalabilità, infatti risulta essere una delle piattaforme più flessibili dal punto di vista della gestione delle VPS.

Ad esempio, il componente Live Storage Migration fa sì che lo spostamento di un disco virtuale collegato ad una VM possa avvenire “a caldo” da una memoria di massa ad un’altra senza necessità di tempi di timeout per la VPS.

Inoltre, nella versione 2012 di Windows Server, è stata introdotta la Shared Nothing Live Migration che permette la migrazione di una macchina virtuale da un host all’altro (anche disposti su differenti cluster nodes) senza necessità di portare offline l’istanza e quindi con downtime nullo.

Un ultimo aspetto che risulta di notevole interesse è la cosiddetta Secure Multitenancy.

I data center virtuali stanno diventando sempre più popolari e di facile implementazione. Le organizzazioni IT e gli hosting providers hanno iniziato ad offrire infrastrutture come servizio (IaaS), una sorta di “istanze server on-demand”. Ciò si tramuta in una maggior necessità di sicurezza da offrire ai propri clienti.

Se l’infrastruttura di un service provider sta ospitando due infrastrutture virtuali per due diverse aziende, l’IT Admin deve garantire livelli di sicurezza pari a quella di due IaaS separate. Prima di Windows Server 2012, la server virtualization forniva isolamento tra le VMs, ma il network layer del data center risultava ancora non pienamente isolato.

Ora, grazie ad Hyper-V Extensible Switch, Windows Server 2012 permette nuove possibilità di sicurezza ad isolamento.

Sono infatti disponibili le seguenti features:

  • Private VLANS (PVLANS): fornisce isolamento tra due virtual machines sulla stessa VLAN;
  • ARP/ND Poisoning/Spoofing: protegge contro VMs che tentano di rilevare ed appropriarsi di indirizzi IP delle altre VMs;
  • DHCP Snooping/DHCP Guard: protegge contro server DHCP illegali che tentano di fornire indirizzi IP tali da causare un re-routing del traffico;
  • Vitual Port ACLs: isolamento dei network e monitoraggio del traffico di rete su di una porta virtuale;
  • Trunk Mode to Virtual Machines: il traffico proveniente da più VLAN può ora essere diretto ad un singolo network adapter in una virtual machine;
  • Monitoring & Port Mirroring: monitora il traffico da specifiche porte generato da determinate VMs e permette il mirroring del flusso che può essere indirizzata ad un’altra porta virtuale per ulteriori processamenti;
  • Windows PowerShell/Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI): fornisce cmdlets Windows PowerShell per l’Hyper-V Extensible Switch che permette ai clienti di creare tool a linea di comando o script automatizzati per il setup, la configurazione, il monitoraggio ed il troubleshooting.
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Free Setup on Dedicated Servers!

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Apr 2015

Hello Dade2

First off, thank you for visiting Dade2 ‘s website at  If you are reading this, chances are you are interested in our services and would like to know more about the company and the team behind it.  This is our newly minted company blog, and we hope that you would be able to learn a lot from our articles on top of having another avenue to communicate with us.

I also think that introductions are in order.  Hopefully as you get to know the people behind Dade2, you would see just how fit we are for your business needs.  My name is Manuel Trongone and as the CEO of Dade2, I would like to welcome you to our site and our blog!

Our Humble Beginnings…

Dade2 has been online since 2011, but the story did not really start there.  We’ve actually been providing innovative technology solutions for close to 10 years now.  Our humble beginnings as a one-man operation that soon expanded into a team of 10 people is proof that we do what we do well and we have a long list of satisfied clients for it.  It also explains how we have seen the changes in technology and how we can understand just what it takes to be on top of your game.

Your Success Is Our Business…

Dade2 has helped clients with their systems, Web sites and IT management tasks.  From network design and implementation to troubleshooting and server security, to general IT consulting and Microsoft consulting to Exchange mail solutions, IT project management and other IT solutions, to website design and development, our team has been instrumental in making our client companies a success.  We have also helped clients with compliance auditing, backup solutions and disaster planning and recovery.  In short, we can help you with any IT-related business critical tasks!

Not only does Dade2 help you from planning and implementation to maintenance and troubleshooting, but we also have a round-the-clock help desk that is available to assist you and answer your questions 24/7.

The best thing is, unlike other services out there, we do not believe in packages.  We provide customized solutions to meet your needs, helping you save by giving only the services you require.

Be sure to check back regularly to find out what’s new with Dade2 and what we’re currently busy with, and do drop us a line!

Apr 2015
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Square Wallet: la smaterializzazione della moneta (anche di plastica)

Square Inc. è una società che offre servizi di pagamento elettronico nel mercato nord-americano.

Nata nel Maggio 2010, la sua killer application ha permesso ai piccoli esercizi commerciali di accettare carte di credito in maniera semplice ed economica.


Essa si compone di un plug-in device che può inserirsi nel jack auricolare  di qualsiasi smartphone e tablet iOS (Apple) o Android e della relativa app. Il primo permette di strisciare fisicamente la carta di credito del cliente, la seconda di trasformare il proprio terminale in un registratore di cassa. Dalla stessa app è possibile linkare il conto corrente sul quale verranno accreditati i transati.

Ma l’innovazione portata avanti da Square non si esaurisce qui. Va, infatti, nella direzione di un’ulteriore smaterializzazione delle transazioni finanziarie grazie ad un vero e proprio ecosistema che promette immediati benefici sia ai venditori che agli acquirenti.

Square ha infatti lanciato, anche grazie ad una solida partnership con Starbucks, lo Square Wallet.

Si tratta di un’app mediante la quale è possibile registrare le proprie credenziali e gli estremi della propria carta di credito. Alla cassa di un esercizio convenzionato, al cliente viene mostrato un QR Code che, una volta fotografato col proprio smartphone, permette il pagamento immediato: niente cash, niente plastica!


È addirittura possibile abilitare l’Hands Free Payment per i retailer di fiducia: alla cassa basterà dire il proprio nome, ed alla postazione dell’esercente compariranno le generalità e la foto del cliente per garantirne l’identità. Questa possibilità è già realtà in 7000 punti Starbucks.

Sullo Square Wallet inoltre sarà possibile controllare tutti gli esercenti convenzionati e, mediante geolocalizzazione, trovare il più vicino per categoria o brand. Risulta evidente come questo possa portare ad incrementi di vendita e popolarità agli store del circuito.

Ultima innovazione è Square Gift Cards. Essa è nata dall’idea che, ad oggi, regalare  una gift card è alquanto farraginoso: si tratta di recarsi presso l’esercizio commerciale, prendere la propria carta di credito (o il contante) e pagare per consegnare di persona il coupon al beneficiario.

Ora, sempre tramite Square Wallet, è possibile acquistare un buono dell’importo desiderato comodamente col proprio smartphone o tablet per qualsiasi retailer convenzionato. Il beneficiario riceverà il coupon virtuale mediante email o – se è anch’esso utente Square – direttamente sul suo telefonino. Nel caso si possegga un iPhone, è prevista l’implementazione con Passbook di iOS6.




La visione d’insieme nell’ambito del commercio fisico ed elettronico propria di questa società le ha permesso in breve tempo un’ascesa vertiginosa. Basti pensare che secondo gli ultimi dati, processa transazioni annuali per 6 miliardi di dollari, escludendo il traffico generato dalla partnership con Starbucks.  Secondo quanto riportato dal Wall Street Journal la Square varrebbe intorno ai 3.25 miliardi di dollari, circa il doppio di quanto stimato un solo anno fa.

Dec 2012
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Nuovi Server Windows 2012

Dade2 è lieta di annunciare che è disponibile da oggi, anche per l’Italia, il nuovo sistema operativo Windows Server 2012 su tutti i server e le vps.

Con questo annuncio Dade2 diventa la prima società italiana ad offrire il nuovo sistema operativo Microsoft di default sulle sue macchine.

Win server 2012 è un piattaforma non solo estremamente ricca di nuovi contenuti, ma incredibilmente migliorata sotto l’aspetto della sicurezza.

Attraverso il controllo dinamico degli accessi è possibile unificare tutte le procedure di auditing, encryption e controlli degli accessi non autorizzati.

IIS8 migliora la gestione dei certificati SSL e la scalabilità, permettendo di installare sulla stessa macchina un numero maggiore di Siti sicuri.  A questo si aggiunge il controllo dinamico degli IP per gli accessi web e ftp, permettendoci di prevenire in maniera completamente automatica gli attacchi DDOs.

Se aggiungiamo a tutto questo la gestione completa dei server e vps windows 2012 effettuata dai nostri tecnici certificati Microsoft, che vi aiuteranno anche nel processo di migrazione delle vostre applicazioni, non vi resta che scegliere uno dei nostri prodotti per cominciare ad utilizzare la piattaforma server migliore di sempre.

Dec 2012

Nuova Offerta: Cashback 500

Dade2, per festeggiare con voi il Natale lancia la nuova offerta: Christmas Cashback 500.



Acquista una cloud Windows VPS o un Server Dedicato Windows dal nostro sito e avrai diritto ad un Cashback fino a 500 euro di valore.

Al momento dell’acquisto, per qualsiasi prodotto scelto, riceverai all’indirizzo da te indicato in fase di registrazione una carta prepagata Mastercard del valore di 200 euro.

Potrai utilizzare la carta sia in Italia che all’estero presso milioni di punti vendita abilitati al circuito Mastercard. La carta può anche essere anche utilizzata per prelievo contatti presso tutti gli sportelli bancomat Italiani.

Se deciderai di mantenere il tuo server dedicato o vps windows presso di noi, Dade2 per premiare la tua fedeltà, alla scadenza dell’undicesimo mese ti invierà un’altra carta prepagata che a seconda del prodotto da te scelto sarà del seguente valore:



Cashback VPS Smart: € 200,00 + 150,00
Cashback VPS Pro: € 200,00 + 200,00
Cashback VPS Top: € 200,00 + 250,00

Server Dedicati

Cashback Start: € 200,00 + 150,00
Cashback Go: € 200,00 + 200,00
Cashback Fast: € 200,00 + 250,00
Cashback Extreme: € 200,00 + 300,00

Per aderire alla promozione puoi effetturare il tuo ordine online o telefonicamente chiamando il numero: 081 188 63025


Nov 2012